Untitled-Fantasy Thriller Novel

The Gypsy

Keja Mimi meandered around the countryside in her brightly colored wagon making a humble living providing fortunes and healing elixirs to the peasant folk, merchants, and royalty alike.  Even the animals look to bask in the gypsy's presence affording her the opportunity to commune with them and assist her with her daily needs.  Everyone from all walks of life were welcome to visit with her no matter the reason.  Not one to look for trouble, she lived from day to day in her simple life until the Stranger showed up several months after her arrival at the town of Sanglow.

The Brothers

Adriar and Abriel Casswell were raised in the town of Sanglow, with Adriar practicing in the arts as a bardic mage while his brother took to the sword as a knight.  They took over the family merchant hall after the passing of their father and the mysterious disappearance of their younger sister, Amantha.  Her disappearance was too much for their mother lost the ability to deal with the situation and swiftly succumbed to a vegetative state, being cared for by the manor stewards when the brothers aren't around.  While they were assisting the town guard in the defense of Sanglow from an undead attack, they happened to stumble into the Gypsy Keja Mimi struggling to protect herself, her guests, and defeat the undead threatening Keja Mimi's wagon home.  The incident precipitated the start of their friendship and an unexpected love.

The Stranger

A conceited and egocentric, cruel man who identified himself as Migon the Stranger, arrived a few months after Keja Mimi arrived at the town having a deep rooted, sinister fixation on the gypsy for unrevealed reasons.  He and his men would soon do their best to torment the poor lass despite her and the Casswell brothers' best efforts to thwart them.  The Stranger's twisted mind soon entwines them in a sinister and relentless journey which they have no choice but to embark upon.  What is it that this Migon the Stranger wants from them and how are Keja Mimi and the Casswells to stop him before he tires of his little game?