Untitled-Book 2 of the Perpetual Manifested States of Being

Where the story lead our heroes next?

Sequel to Book 1, Nothing Happens All the Time, Eli and Charlene Mitchell and Samuel and Roger Valentine travel to Reno, Nevada, of all places at the invitation of Sam so he can introduce Eli to the secret society he's been a part of through direct ties that his family's been involved with for generations.

Another meal interrupted...

Despite Sam's best intentions, an unexpected visit from an old friend within the secret society requests him to look into a suspicious matter which involves not only a murder, but also the apparent theft of a long forgotten artifact.

What does it mean for our heroes?

Our heroes step into things neck deep as things take another turn for the surreal while Eli, Charlene, Sam and eventually Eli's friend, Wayne Thatcher, joins them in their efforts to work through the quagmire before its too late.  But too late for what?  If time were real, the things it could tell.