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About Me

My Background

   Originally from the New England area, my family and I moved about the country during my youth with my siblings, when they were old enough to choose for themselves, deciding to take up roots at the various places our parents relocated the family.

Currently residing in Utah, I’ve always found writing to be a good outlet for the various thoughts and ideas that inspired me to write over the years albeit more so as a philosophical hobby than anything serious, until now that is.  When I’m not too busy interacting with my wife and children, outside of my ongoing career in law enforcement, I can usually entertain myself with fishing, camping, and the occasional computer game or two, to name some of my personal interests. 

Well, I suppose that’s enough to bore you for now with the exception of saying, “Go Sox!”

Scouts honor, I'll add more to this in the future. 

My Writing Roots

It's a funny story, really.  While going through junior high, I once had the bright idea to ask my English teacher at the time the importance of why we had to learn sentence structure using all of those little space ship looking dangling line forms since I found this part of the curriculum boring...  The lecture that followed was something I definitely never forgot and still causes my ears to bleed when I reflect on the incident too long.

Even before the incident in English class that self-induced ill-fated day, I enjoyed writing before then and over the many years that followed not only in a hobby like approach but also for philosophical and critical thinking purposes.  It was then as it still is now the perfect outlet for my given overactive imagination.  Despite coming to the conclusion that I know nothing when compared to things to be known, I eventually decided that I should put my imagination to better use.  So, when time permits and with a bit of life experience under my belt, I've been doing what I can to put my fingers to the keyboard if only to see I will think of next.


Regarding the genre, pretty much nothing is off limits because why would one want to limit oneself to any specific style?  With that being said, that's why I enjoy writing Science Fiction, Mystery, Detective, Supernatural, Fantasy, Thriller, Metaphysical and so on. Nothing Happens All the Time writer author ebook novel book


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